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Paryčy: Nadzeya Dudarenka, foster mother deprived of her children, collects signatures for Tsiareshchanka and looks forward to his help

Nadzeya Dudarenka with the children
Nadzeya Dudarenka with the children

A resident of the village of Paryčy (Svietlahorsk district) Nadzeya Dudarenka held a picket to collect signatures in support of the nomination of Viktar Tsiareshchanka as a presidential candidate. Nadzeya Dudarenka is a member of his electoral team.

The woman used to be a foster mother, but several years ago the local authorities took away her five adopted children. Recently they have also started seeking the abolition of the adoption of two boys by her. The women regards it as a revenge for her active citizenship and protecting the rights of the adopted children who, according to her, were beaten and humiliated at school. She was forced to transfer to her boys to the home education, but was then accused of the fact that children did not attend school, although home education is a right enshrined in the legislation.

The woman hopes that the potential candidate Viktar Tsiareshchanka will will pay attention to the violation of the rights of foster families in Belarus in his electoral program.

At present Svietlahorsk District Court is hearing a case on releasing the woman from the duties of foster mother.

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