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Tatsiana Seviarynets not allowed to meet with “MP”

Tatsiana Seviarynets
Tatsiana Seviarynets

A meeting with a “member of parliament” was organised at "Viciebskdreŭ" ("Viciebsk Wood") plant on August 4. The meeting was free for all.

Tatsiana Seviarynets, the coordinator of the organising committee to create the Belarusian Democracy party in Viciebsk, wanted to attend the event and ask the “MP”, the chief medical officer at hospital No.2 (where one of the units has been under repair for four years) about healthcare in the city, long-delayed construction projects, slow repair works, long queues at health centres, learnt from the press centre of the BCD organising committee.

Men in military uniform didn't allow Tatsiana to enter the plant. They said only workers of the plant could attend the meeting.

“It turns out that I cannot be a representative of people. Neither my personal appearance as a teacher nor my age allowed me to visit the mysterious meeting. By the way, I didn't see many people there. Perhaps, they ordered people to go to the meeting after the shift. They work until 5:00 p.m., and the meeting was scheduled for 4:30 p.m.. Why didn't they reduce the working day by 30 minutes to encourage people to talk to the MP?” Tatsiana Seviarynets says.

“It can be explained with the upcoming presidential 'elections'. Pickets for the main candidate do not attract people, teachers beg their friends and relatives to put a signature for Lukashenka, students are promised a room in a dormitory if they work in the initiative group. When I was told about the meeting, people warned me that it was organised to call on people to vote for Lukashenka,” Tatsiana Seviarynets said.