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Karma district newspaper tells readers about campaigning for Lukashenka

Though campaigning during the collection of signatures for the nomination of candidacies for the election is banned, Karma state-owned newspaper tells its readers about a "hot campaigning to support the candidacy of Aliaksandr Lukashenka" at the electoral pickets that are held by his electoral team.

The newspaper "Zara nad Sožam" writes that the signatures in support of the candidacy of incumbent President are collected by activists of "Bielaja Ruś", the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus and Communist Party of Belarus. “The Chair of the district organization of "Bielaja Ruś" Sviatlana Kazlova and the Chair of the district branch of the FTUB Liubou Larchanka campaigned actively and convincingly explained to those who came to the pickets the position and direction of domestic and foreign policy of Aliaksandr Lukashenka," states the article.

The CPB Secretary Aliaksandr Palekshanau "campaigned ardently in support of the candidacy of the current president." Moreover - the activists of "Bielaja Ruś" held a quiz! Those who gave correct answers about questions related to our country, received small gifts! “Those who came to the pickets put their signatures on the borders of a map of Belarus, therefore supporting the slogan, written above: “For a strong and flourishing Belarus!” - ended the journalist.

Meanwhile, the slogan of the current electoral campaign of Mr. Lukashenka is “For the future of the independent Belarus!”

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections