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No apologies from Mikalai Lazavik

Secretary of Central Election Committee Mikalai Lazavik
Secretary of Central Election Committee Mikalai Lazavik

Chairman of Hrodna regional organization of the United Civil Party Aliaksandra Vasilevich has received an official response to his complaint to the CEC. The Central Election Commission did not consider it necessary to apologize for the insulting words and legal illiteracy of its secretary Mikalai Lazavik.

Let us remind that in the TV program "Contours" he allowed incorrect remarks about Hrodna nominees from democratic parties: that people with previous convictions couldn't be included in TECs. This fact outraged Aliaksandra Vasilevich, who filed an appeal to the CEC.

The official answer, signed by Chairman of the Commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna said that the statements of Mr. Lazavik were a general information without specifying the structures of the opposition, the names of the nominated persons and the details of their offenses. CEC in general and its secretary in particular treats the term “previous conviction” very arbitrarily, noting: “The essence of explanations of Lazavika M.I. was confined to the fact that these people lack public authority, also because of their punishment by the court”.

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