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Hrodna: collector of signatures for Liabedzka attacked by a stranger

August 3 in the suburb of Farty in Hrodna, an unknown man assaulted Mikalai Voran, a collector of signatures for Anatol Liabedzka. He approached the electoral picket in a taxi several times, shouted out pro-Russian slogans and that he was Russian, charging on Mikalai Voran. The activist called the police, but the offender retired.

Later on, he returned and again started attacking the collector of signatures. He also turned over the informational stand with a poster of Anatol Liabedzka and hit Voran in the chest with a bottle. The journalists who came to the place of the conflict helped to detain the hooligan who seemed to be drunk.

Eventually, he was taken away by the police, who drew up a violation report. We don't know whether the man will get any punishment for his hooligan actions.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections