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Čavusy authorities don't hide how they created electoral team of A. Lukashenka

Photo from the newspaper "Iskra"
Photo from the newspaper "Iskra"

The website of Čavusy regional newspaper "Iskra" published an article “Collection of signatures has started in Čavusy”.

The author spoke about the real technology of the establishment of the electoral team supporting the nomination of the incumbent President Aliaksandr Lukashenka's candidacy for the election.

In particular, the article reads that "In Čavusy there has started electoral campaign-2015. Last Thursday, July 23, Čavusy District Executive Committee held a sitting presided by its deputy chair Vital Lebiadzeu and the chairman of Čavusy District Council of Deputies, Anatol Matsiulin, at which there was established an electoral team of 30 people to collect signatures in support of the candidacy of the current President of the Republic Belarus Aliaksandr Lukashenka. Tamara Matsiulina was appointed the head of the electoral team. Its members are separated on the territorial basis, i.e. signatures will not be collected on the basis of organizations, institutions and enterprises. Moreover, electoral pickets are held in the town everyday, at which one also can put a signature in support of the incumbent President"...

As it is clear from the above information, the local authorities fully employ the administrative resource, supporting the nomination of the candidacy of the incumbent President for the election.

We should also mention the fact that Aliaksandr Leushunou, the manager of Čavusy District Executive Committee, who is also deputy chair of Čavusy District Council, was “elected” the deputy chairman of Čavusy District Election Commission, and the secretary of the commission is the head of the organizational and personnel department of the executive committee Natallia Vasilkova. The commission is headed by a representative of the Belarusian Association of Veterans
Uladzimir Zeliankou, who, by a strange coincidence, used to head the organizational and personnel department of Čavusy DEC before his retirement, repeatedly participating in the work of electoral commissions.

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