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Zhodzina: violations committed while collecting signatures for Lukashenka (photo)

Violations of the collection of signatures for Lukashenka in Zhodzina
Violations of the collection of signatures for Lukashenka in Zhodzina

Observers in Zhodzina say they have documented violations when collecting signatures by the initiative group for the nomination of Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

Liliya Kishchuk, an activist of the Belaya Rus NGO who worked on July 31 in a picket outside polyclinic No. 1 in a group of four persons under the flag of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus, collected signatures without asking for IDs, without recording passport data (phone number only), and thus offered to sign for other persons.

In particular, Valery Tsimakhavets signed for himself in the signature sheet without providing his passport and putting down the required data.

In addition, he was allowed to sign for another voter (Zhanna Tsimakhavets), also without a passport (see photo), which is a gross violation of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Belarus.

These violations were observed and documented with a camera and a voice recorder by a long-term observer registered by the Zhodzina city election commission, reports.

The observer photocopied the signature sheets and asked the nomination activist to comment on the facts. The activist admitted the facts, but noted that this is not a violation.

After that, the head of the group of picketers, who realized that the observer recorded the actual violations of the EC, in front of the audience tore signature sheet with three signatures (two of which had been collected in violation of the established procedure).

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