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UCP leader in Hrodna demands apology from CEC Secretary Mikalai Lazavik

Aliaksandra Vasilevich
Aliaksandra Vasilevich

Aliaksandra Vasilevich, Chairperson of the Hrodna regional office of the United Civil Party, has sent a complaint to the Central Election Commission of Belarus. The politician wrote to complain about a statement made by the CEC Secretary Mikalai Lazavik on the ONT TV channel on July 26. Lazavik said that all the three members of the opposition nominated to the Hrodna regional election commission had criminal records and therefore were not included in the TEC.

Ms. Vasilevich writes in her complaint that administrative offenses, under the law (Article 45 of the Criminal Code), do not involve such concepts as a criminal record, which are used in criminal proceedings.

Moreover, according to her, in the course of the meeting of the Presidium of the Hrodna Regional Council of Deputies and the Hrodna Regional Executive Committee different reasons were mentioned for rejecting the nominations from democratic parties, namely lack of experience of work in election commissions and so on.

Since Aliaksandra Vasilevich was nominated to the TEC and she has no criminal record, the UCP representative offers Mikalai Lazavik to apologize and refrain from similar statements in the future, as they are untrue and damaging the honor and dignity of both the person and the whole image of the United Civil Party and the entire CEC, whose Secretary actually publicly demonstrates his ignorance of the laws of the Republic of Belarus.

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