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Haradok officials form lists of home voters

The Haradok District Executive Committee has posted on its website an announcement saying that "from 23.07.2015 to 09.08.2015 the district authorities are working to register voters for the list of Belarusian citizens who are registered in the territory of the corresponding polling station and have the right to participate in the elections of the President of the Republic of Belarus.” The same message says that "at the same time, verification of both oral and written requests from voters is underway who for health or for other valid reasons cannot go on election day to the polling station and wish to vote at their place of residence.”

The same ad has been published in the local government-run newspaper Haradocki Vesnik, the website reports.

Leanid Haravy, an activist of the movement "For Freedom!" and member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada), says that the registration of oral and written requests from voters willing to vote at home is the duty of election commissions, which do not yet exist. Leanid Haravy believes that the information on the website of the Executive Committee is direct evidence that during the verification of voter lists from July 23 to August 9, responsibilities of election commissions will be transferred to other persons.

Leanid Haravy has written to Piotr Karobchyts, chairman of the district executive committee, urging the official to put an end to the activities of persons who from 23 July intend to break the law. The precinct commission must have a certain address and telephone number for complaints and communication and will work according to the Schedule approved by the Central Election Commission, says the activist. Meanwhile, interference in the election process by any other persons or entities is a violation of the law.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"