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Baranavičy: Human rights defender appeals ban on observing formation of election commission

Siarhei Housha
Siarhei Housha

Human rights activist Siarhei Housha has complained to the Brest Regional Executive Committee against the district executive committee and the District Council of Deputies, which did not allow him to attend a joint meeting of the two bodies that formed the district election commission. The human rights activist noted that on July 15 he registered his accreditation from the BHC to be able to attend the joint meeting of the Baranavičy district executive committee and the Presidium of the District Council.

“I told the leadership of the district that the law of the Republic of Belarus "On local government and self-government" allows representatives of political parties, public organizations and even the citizens to attend the meetings of executive and administrative authorities. Since Art. 3 of this Act guarantees the publicity of the work of local government, I asked to allow me to attend the meeting,” says Mr. Housha.

However, according to the activist, he was asked to leave the premises, referring to the fact that Art. 34 of the Electoral Code does not allow civil society representatives to be present at the meeting to establish the TEC, if they have not nominated their representatives to the election commission. At the same time, the human rights activist says that the district authorities have already sent a written response to the BHC, saying why they did not allow him to attend the meeting.

The BHC representative believes that the ban on observing the formation of the district election commission violates his rights.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"