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Viciebsk: Human rights defender loses court appeal against ban on election commission membership

Human rights defender Pavel Levinau
Human rights defender Pavel Levinau

Pavel Levinau had been delegated two groups of voters, who wanted to see him among the members of the Pieršmajski district election commission and the Viciebsk regional election commission.

The Kastryčnicki District Court, in whose territory the executive committee is located, heard today the observer’s appeal against a decision to reject his nomination to the Pieršmajski district election commission.

"It looks like the selection of the commission members had been planned in advance. For example, the applications from the groups of citizens who put forward the ‘right’ commission member were absolutely identical – each having 17 signatures and the same texts. I had the impression that the preparation of the lists was done either by one person or one authority. However, Judge Alena Papkova decided to dismiss the complaint by a group of voters who signed for me, saying that the voting was without violations and the commission was formed in accordance with legislation,” said Pavel Levinau.

A similar scenario took place in the Viciebsk Regional Court, which heard today an appeal by a group of voters who nominated Paul Levinau to the regional election commission.

"The complaint signed by the citizens included materials that characterize me; and, in particular, my experience of participation in election campaigns in Belarus and beyond. But the joint meeting of the Regional Council and the Executive Committee only announced the names and the method of nomination. I think that many officials who were engaged in the formation of the commission know me well, but did not vote for me. Two abstained. Judge Aliaksandr Fedziukevich saw no violations,” says Pavel Levinau.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"