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BHC representative not allowed to attend meeting of district election commission in Viciebsk

Leanid Svetsik
Leanid Svetsik

Leanid Svetsik, representative of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee in Viciebsk, was not allowed to attend today’s first meeting of the Kastryčnicki district election commission, after deputy chairman of the Viciebsk city executive committee Piotr Padhurski said that his presence was not ‘welcome’.

The human rights activist says that he did not even have time to show his BHC ID:

"Piotr Padhurski immediately said that it was at this very meeting which was expected to elect chairman of the commission and other top officials that my presence was ‘inappropriate’. Then I said that I would like to be present just as an ordinary voter, a resident of the district, a citizen of the Republic of Belarus. Then it was suggested that members of the commission voted whether they agreed that I be present. Mr. Padhurski announced that everyone ‘should think’ before the vote. And after a few minutes, all 12 members of the commission, another member did not attend because he was on a business trip, voted against.”

According to Leanid Svetsik, before leaving he was asked to come back tomorrow, to register as an observer, and then attend the next meeting of the commission.

"Why I could not attend today, I did not understand. But the refusal indicates how openly the campaign starts in Viciebsk. I have already sent a complaint to the CEC against the fact that I was not allowed to attend a meeting of the district election commission,” said the human rights activist.

Earlier, Leanid Svetsik was not allowed to attend the formation of the district election commissions, which was held yesterday.

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