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Shulhan and Kanavalchyk released, fined Br5.4 million each

Minsk Maskouski District Court considered the case of presidential contender Yury Shulhan on July 20. Judge Tatstsyana Matyl fined him for Br5.4 million ‘for swearing’, Radio Liberty reports.

Shulhan was detained near the CEC on July 17, Euroradio reported. He was going to bring the registration documents there. However, the security guards would not let him in – they thought that he was tipsy. He was detained together with head of his initiative group Paulyuk Kanavalchyk. They stayed in jail until Monday.

According to the expertise, Kanavachuk’s blood-alcohol content was 1.8 ‰ and Shulhan’s – 0.8 ‰. Shulhan is going to appeal the sentence.

Kanavalchyk stood trial later. He was also fined for ‘swearing’ – Br5.4 million.