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Homieĺ regional election commission formed: no opposition

Representatives of the opposition, member of the United Civil Party Zinaida Shumilina, and activist of the Left Party "Fair World" Viktar Khomich were not included in the Homieĺ regional election commission. The decision was taken at a joint meeting of the Presidium of the Homieĺ Regional Council of Deputies and the Regional Executive Committee on July 20. The meeting was attended by Viktar Adzinochanka, a long-term observer representing the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. According to him, the meeting lasted 25 minutes. 24 candidates were proposed, and 13 people became members of the election commission. “The procedure was observed by meeting participants, they gave positive characteristics to the candidates, saying that they are active citizens with experience in elections. However, the representatives of the opposition - Zinaida Shumilina and Viktar Khomich – were not discussed, it was briefly said that they are retired,” says the human rights activist.

As a result, 13 people were proposed to be elected members of the regional commission, their names were called and a list was voted - unanimously. There was no discussion.

The commission included representatives of the ‘public’ (pro-government organizations "Belaya Rus") and political parties ("Party of Labor and Justice", whose activities are only known during elections).

According to Viktar Adzinochanka, the main criterion for selecting the commissioners was previous work on election commissions.

The meeting on the formation of the Homieĺ City Election Commission will be held on July 21.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"