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Presidential contender Shulhan taken from CEC to police station

Presidential contender Yury Shulhan
Presidential contender Yury Shulhan

The unemployed Yury Shulhan, together with the head of his election headquarters Paulyuk Kanavalchyk, brought the lists of his nominating group to the Central Electoral Commission on July 17. But they could not even get on the territory of the Government House - a security guard said that he could not let the drunk people in. He called the chief of security to solve the disputed issue.

Yury Shulhan told Euroradio that he did not drink  a drop of alcohol that day. And if he had a 'smell', it was probably from 'the day before'.

After certain negotiations with Shulhan and Kanavalchyk, Head of Security called the police from a nearby station. The police told reporters that they would take the possible candidate to the station to alcohol test. But when Shulhan and Kanavalchyk walked a little further from the entrance to the CEC, three riot policemen put them in a police car and took them to an unknown destination.