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Babrujsk: Fair World members prefer territorial commissions

After selecting their nominees, the political parties active in Babrujsk are now deciding whether they should be nominated to the territorial or precinct election commissions.

Local members of the party Spraviadlivy Svet ("Fair World") have held a meeting to decide that they would only try to get to local territorial commissions.

“If there were a lot of us, we would have tried to cover all the precincts to see the full picture. But, unfortunately, we have not enough people,” says activist Nina Fedziayeva. “During the previous elections, our members got into precinct commissions and received nearly no useful information, as other members of the Commission made every effort to block their access to information. It was obvious that they were only following orders that came from territorial commissions. Therefore, we decided to spare our resources for the sake of observation, and we hope it will bring results.”

Two local Fair World activists will try to become members of territorial commissions: Albert Sekerzhytski in the Pieršamajski district and Artsiom Mihalkin in the Lieninski district.

“Human Rights Defenders For Free Elections”