Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections

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Babrujsk: approach of the elections is unnoticeable

In Babruisk, there seems to be no interest to the presidential election at all, also among the local media. There are no electoral posters and banners on the streets, which could inform Babrujskers about the beginning of the electoral campaign.

One can see the banners “Elections of President of the Republic of Belarus 2015” on the websites of Babrujsk city and district executive committees. Under these banners, one can find the general information: the schedule of the electoral measures and the manuals for members of election commissions. What concerns the local newspapers, they confined themselves to publishing a small infographics with the stages of the election campaign.

The private newspaper "Babrujski Kurjer" did more: its journalists held a survey in the city, dedicated to the electoral campaign. They asked passers-by whether they took part in the political life of the country. Most people demonstrated a passive attitude to the political processes in the country, expressing their reluctance to take any part in them. Participants of the survey regard voting at the elections as a sufficient manifestation of their political activity.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"