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Media space of Salihorsk district is quiet despite elections

Salihorsk human rights activists speak of the pre-election lull in the media landscape of the region.

Media monitoring in Salihorsk district in the second quarter of the year witnesses the actual neglect of the approaching elections by all local media.

The appearance of the information about the conduct of the main political campaign in autumn this year in no way influenced the information policy of the local media. The activities of the prospective candidates, discussions of the electoral topics on social networking websites and nationwide media weren't reflected by them. It is interesting that such stance is shared both by state-owned and private information resources.

The newspaper "Šachcior", the website "Elektronny Salihorsk," TV channel "STK" and the newspaper "Lider-Pres" traditionally keep to the policy of self-censorship or even outright state propaganda. It is difficult to find there not only pre-electoral news, but also any information critical of the authorities. Such independent media resources as the newspapers “Infa-kurjer”, the website and “Salihorsk Info” haven't touched the electoral topics either, but keep writing about socially important issues.

Human rights activists say that, in the absence of the official registration with the state “Salihorsk Infa” and enjoy the greatest freedom while publishing their articles. However, as long as the latter website experiences serious technical issues, the only stable source of independent and uncensored information remains “Salihorsk Infa”.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"