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Kruhlaje District Executive Committee bans electoral pickets in busiest places

July 9, Kruhlaje District Executive Committee adopted a resolution to list the sites where it was prohibited to collect signatures for the nomination of a person as a candidate for President of the Republic of Belarus.

The resolution was published in Kruhlaje district newspaper “Sieĺskaje Žyccio” (№53 from July 11, 2015).

According to the document, it is prohibited to hold electoral pickets less than 50 meters from the buildings of Kruhlaje District Executive Committee, rural executive committees, courts, prosecutors' offices and police departments, at a distance of less than 50 meters from the territory of kindergartens and educational institutions of Kruhlaje, the health care facilities of Kruhlaje district, at the distance of less than 50 meters from the entrance of enterprises and organizations of Kruhlaje district, at bus stops, intersections, pedestrian crossings.

Kruhlaje District Police Department is charged with ensuring the protection of public order in the field of collecting voters' signatures for nomination of candidates for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus and to take measures to prevent the collection of signatures in the places, which weren't designated for it.

Deputy Head of Kruhlaje District Executive Committee Tamara Aksionava, Kruhlaje DPD, the department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs and the department of organizational and personnel work of the executive committee, chairmen of rural executive committees – all these individuals and institutions were charged with monitoring the observance of the resolution.

Deputy Chair of the executive committee Tamara Aksionava has been responsible for conducting election campaigns in Kruhlaje district for many years already.

As argued by social activist Zinaida Mileshchanka, who has repeatedly taken part in the electoral campaign of various levels, the pickets are, as usual, banned in the busiest places. Moreover, now Kruhlaje is actively prepared to the autumn state festival “Dažynki”, that's why there remains even less space for collecting signatures.

In the evening of July 9 Kruhlaje DEC held a special meeting on the organizational support of the electoral campaign. As reported by “Sieĺskaje Žyccio”, the authorities have already created a labour group and a headquarters to assist the district and the polling station election commissions (that haven't been formed yet). The coordinator of the work on the conduct of the electoral campaign is the same Deputy Head of Kruhlaje DEC on ideology, Tamara Aksionava.