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Luniniec authorities reluctant to accept applications for pickets

Vital Kalinouski
Vital Kalinouski

The issue was reported by the head of Luniniec district branch of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Vital Kalinouski, who tried to get Luniniec District Executive Committee register his appeals for holding pickets on July 16-17 with the aim to draw people to the team of a potential candidate for president Tatsiana Karatkevich.

“I had to spend more than half an hour quareling and make a call to an independent lawyer for such simple procedure,” says Mr. Kalinouski.

The secretary of the head of the executive committee, Natallia Aliashkevich, blankly refused to register the appeal and directed the activist to the personnel department, to Alena Kachanouskaya, who, in her turn, bounced him to the economic department.

The employees of the executive committee stated they were unable to register the appeals, as far as the electoral campaign hadn't started yet. The activist had to tell them the difference between drawing new people to participation in a potential candidate's team from collecting signatures in support of the candidate. Only they did they reluctantly registered his appeals withining the framework of the Law “On Applications of Citizens”.