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Yarmoshyna: November 15 is mostly like to be Election Day

November 15, 2015 is the most likely date of the presidential election in Belarus, CEC chairperson Lidziya Yarmoshyna told the magazine Belaruskaya Dumka.

"November 15, 2015 is the most probable date now. It will be the last week when the presidential election can be held according to the Belarusian Constitution. The presidential election is always held at least two months before the term of the previous President comes to an end (it will happen on January 21, 2016). The date has been reported to the President and he has approved it preliminarily ,” the administration of the central Election Commission reports.

Political parties and unaffiliated candidates should focus on this date, the official said.

Most states organize their presidential elections in March or November, Yarmoshyna added. There are no religious or major secular holidays in these months, she said. Furthermore, elections in these months do not coincide with the holiday and vacation seasons and so on, she noted.